I-CAR Enhancements Pilot


Thank You for Participating in the I-CAR Pilot


As a participant you will experience updated curriculum, enhanced recognition programs, and a revised myI-CAR dashboard. The goal is to use your valued feedback to help us refine our systems and programs before they are rolled-out to the industry.  

As one of the benefits of the pilot, participating first hand will give you a head start on the new program requirements; all pilot participants will continue to follow the plan established in this pilot moving forward.





Supported Desktop Browsers

    •    Chrome*     •    Firefox*
    •    Safari*         •    Microsoft Edge*
    •    Internet Explorer 11
*Must be latest 2 browser versions, for example Safari 11 & 10 as of 1/31/18
Supported Desktop Operating Systems

    •    Windows 8 Or Higher
    •    OS X 10.13/High Sierra
    •    OS X 10.12/Sierra
Supported Mobile Browsers
    •    iOS: Default browsers in version 9 and above
    •    Android: Default browser in version 6.0 and above
Supported Mobile Operating Systems
    •    iOS 9
    •    Android 6.0





To access your new user dashboards and training, please use the SIGN-IN and SIGN-UP buttons on this web page. If you are an existing student or training manager, use your existing myI-CAR credentials. If you are a new student or training manager, please create an account via the SIGN-UP button.

This webpage pilot.i-car.com is the only way to access the new systems and programs.

Pilot participants will need to visit
https://rts.i-car.com/pilot-access-rts to get access to the RTS site. RTS participants will not be able to sign into RTS from the usual rts.i-car.com page.





The system will automatically apply credit for I-CAR training, Alliance Partner training, and In-Shop Knowledge Assessments.




We are implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to assist with our In-Shop Knowledge Assessment process. Though you will not have visibility to the new CRM tool, it will likely impact your experience during assessment. The time away from the shop floor is reduced and will include a questions weighted system that focuses on the most important topics in each knowledge area first. These results are then transferred to your dashboard to help students and training manager more easily identify training plans.

*If you have not scheduled your In-Shop Knowledge Assessment, please contact your dedicated customer care rep.





Once signed in as a student, you’ll be viewing a personalized dashboard with information about you and your current training.

 In a glance, you will see:
  • Profile information (I-CAR ID, Role, email address, etc.)
  • Courses in progress, scheduled, or not yet started
  • Training Achievements
  • And much more




Once signed in as a training manager, you’ll view a personalized dashboard about you, your own personal training, and of course – training information about those whose training you manage.

 Your dashboard includes:
  • All of those of a student (above)
  • Key Performance Indicators of your team’s training status
  • Individual student details such as, training progress, status, and test scores.
  • Access to reporting for team or individual training progress and certification status



Thank You Again for Participating in the I-CAR Pilot


We sincerely appreciate your participation in this pilot. Your feedback will help shape how our enhanced training and systems will launch to the rest of the industry.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitated to reach out your dedicated customer care representative.
800.ICAR.USA (422.7872)